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    "9th and Hennepin" set to nice footage of a train traveling Chicagoland. (And, yeah, 9th and Hennepin is in Minneapolis, not Gary or Chicago).

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    Show Flyers

    Black Flag, Met Puppets punk hardcore flyer

    A flickr gallery of hardcore punk show flyers. (Uploaded by The Change Zine)

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    I guess I had a pretty normal childhood, for somebody growing up in the ghetto section of Detroit. I mean, I grew up in a neighborhood where Diana Ross lived right down the street from me and Aretha Franklin lived around the corner and the Four Tops lived two blocks over and the Temptations lived about four blocks away. You know this is where I grew up. It was the era of the doo-wop groups, and in Detroit at the time, you were either in a gang or a group, and so I chose to be in a group.

    Detroit-native Smokey Robinson on growing up in the Motor City in the 1950s.

    Hear Robinson talk about Detroit’s rhythms - on the street and in the studio - on this week’s American Routes.

    (via americanroutes)

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    It’s the cute animated video to the Witches’ “There She Is.” Korean Ska!  Dance!

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    Nice cover of “Tokyo Drifter / Tokyo Nagaremono” by Japanese Academic Punks with Tokyo BIG Beat Junky.

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  11. Brigitte Bardot’s Bonnie Parker is very Faye Duneway. (via @garychun)

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  13. I wish the person who created this video had used a different image, but I’m grateful they uploaded all three versions of “Let’s Try To Be Happy” as sung by the shobojin, aka, the Peanuts, in 1964’s Ghidorah The Three-Headed Space Monster / Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster / Three Giant Monsters:  Earth’s Greatest Battle.

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    Ultraman + Ukelele

    I love this. If it were to be broken down and examined closely, every single part of it would be a yay fractal. (via the excellent Shelf Life Clothing Company)

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